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Allie Lanham
Hangry Lady Allie Lanham
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Hangry Lady Allie Lanham
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My name is Allie Lanham.  I am the owner of the Hangry Lady here in Newbo City Market.  We make charcuterie boxes & boards.  Since expanding our shop recently, we’re also offering burrata boards, brunch boards on Sundays, giant pretzel boards, and cold pressed juices.  Outside of this, we do a lot of catering.  Grazing tables, charcuterie cups, wedding cakes, cupcakes, etc.  Anything food related is what we like to do here.

How many weddings have you catered & what have those experiences been like for you?

I’ve catered about 50 weddings thus far.  We’ve been in business for a year and a half and we’ve been in catering for 1/3 of that time being a business.  We have quite a few coming up in the future, in fact a few weddings booked out to 2025.  The thing about weddings is that they’re a lot of pressure, but coming from the hospitality industry you kind of thrive off of that pressure and intensity.  For most people, weddings are the most important day of their lives – I don’t want to add any stress to that so I like to keep on top of my stuff and execute the vision that they have.

What are your wedding charcuterie tables like, and how do you work with couples to create the perfect spread?

For weddings, the standard is a flat lay on a table with greenery.  I get stands and display items if that’s something that they want; it can range from metallic to natural wood depending on the theme of the wedding. We can add florals to the grazing table that match the floral already present at the wedding.  The grazing table adds a WOW factor to a wedding – it’s a display piece that’s part of the decoration.  If people find something on Pinterest they love, I try to match as best as I can.

How do you approach a charcuterie spread when you’re feeding several hundred guests?

With grazing tables specifically, usually a 1 cheese: 2 people ratio is usually a safe bet.  I want to make sure there are 3 or 4 bites for each person per item, and that works great for a cocktail hour.  This changes if it’s meant to be a meal for the wedding.  I’d add on tea sandwiches, hot paninis, guacamole, skewers, anything that feels more substantial.  99% of the time there is leftovers but I’d rather my customers say they had too much food than not enough.

What are some ways that couples can keep costs down when looking for catering?

I think $10 a person is a good price point – weddings can get very expensive so I try to keep it realistic.  I always try to source my products from higher end places, but if we’re on a tight budget, we can always go a cheaper route.  Providing your own flowers and stands would take away from the final cost you’d end up paying.

You also make wedding cakes/cupcakes – what are some of your top tips for wedding desserts?

I make all of my own desserts – there’s an equation I learned in culinary school on how to cut a cake so that it feeds the maximum amount of people.  We can do regular wedding cake or individual cupcakes – it’s really whatever the couple wants specifically.  I also try to mix and match flavors to try and be original so we also offer lavender cake, basil cake, chive frosting, to name a few examples.

What’s some advice you would have for couples looking to cater food and any other advice you’d have for weddings in general?

My advice for people getting married is to find a caterer you can trust (like the Hangry Lady).  That way we can find what you want, what you’re envisioning, and make it as low stress as possible for you.  Just realize that it is your wedding day – you can give your guests what you like.  It doesn’t have to be the same old dinner plate tradition everyone is used to.  Generally, here, we’re just trying to give people a new, fun, exciting option for their wedding day.  In this town, we have a lot of shaping dishes and buffets – and those aren’t bad options; you should just have as many options as you want for your special day.

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