House of Colour

House of Colour

Wedding Week Vendor

House of Colour believes that everyone is beautiful and it is our purpose to bring this belief out in everyone who seeks our services. Fashion is important, but true style is personal to you. As a House of Colour personal stylist, I can help you to look fabulous and radiate confidence in the colors and shapes that suit you as an individual. Let’s face it, you know when you look amazing. Your face lights up, your eyes sparkle and everyone pays you compliments. Actually, that’s the real you and you can feel amazing every single day.

While fashions, trends, and fads come and go, the theory of color, as interpreted by House of Colour, remains based on science, logic, and objectivity; enabling every client to take their individual WOW! colors and look and feel wonderful. Your confidence grows and the journey to empowerment begins. Book your appointment today!

3755 McGowan Blvd.
Marion, IA

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