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Emily Kucera from EM Design

Emily Kucera

EM Design

How long have you been a part of EmDesign?

I started EmDesign Wedding Stationery nearly 9 years ago. After planning my own wedding in 2013 I fell in love with weddings and all the planning. As a professional graphic designer, I put a lot of effort into my own wedding invitations and wanted to wow my guests. After designing stationery for a few friends, I decided I wanted to help all the wedding couples!

How many weddings have you helped/how many invitations have you sent out?

I believe I’ve assisted with around 500 weddings – through custom wedding invitation suites, and pre-made invitation orders! 

How many different types of stationery/envelopes do you offer?

I offer over 15 types of paper goods/stationery items. The most unique are custom die-cut-shaped invitations. The most common 5 stationery items are an invitation, rsvp, details card, ceremony program, and thank you cards. My favorite stationery item is the guestbook pages – a special keepsake for you to look back on from years to come.

Why are wedding invitations so important?

Invitations are the first glimpse your guests get for the wedding, they set the tone for the wedding. It gives guests a little insight into what to expect at your wedding and how formal or casual the event is.

What does the process of an appointment with you look like?

We meet for a one hour consultation where we:
Educate you on wedding stationery items. Learn the ins and outs of each stationery piece.

Establish stationery needs. Determine what items you want, need, and can live without.

Express your wedding style. Look at samples, and build the framework for tailor-made, custom style.

Efficient streamlined process. Learn about the super simple process – stationery so easy it’s enjoyable!

We finish up with a customized estimate to fix your exact wedding needs

What goes into a good wedding invitation?

A well-designed invitation highlights all of the correct information that your guests will be searching for: the WHO and the WHEN first and foremost. Then a clean design that gives guests a little insight on the style/formality of your wedding. 

What are some common invitation mistakes to avoid?

The biggest wedding invitation mistake is ordering too many. Most wedding items go by the number of people – but invitations are per household. At our in-person consultation, we always discuss this and review both numbers to ensure we have the correct one!  

Postage is the area many mistakes happen as well. Be sure to have your invitation officially weighed at the post office so that you purchase the correct amount for each piece of stationery. There are details that cost extra that many people do not know such as the non-uniform thickness, all square invitations, and specific postcard sizes, among other things. Also beware of purchasing stamps online – one of my previous couples ended up purchasing counterfeit stamps which caused a whole new set of problems. 

Missing important details. You can proofread your invitation over and over but you’ll never be able to correct the details that are not there at all. Make sure you have all the important details – our streamlined process is a great way to ensure you didn’t forget anything. 

How long does the printing process/mailing take?

Because everyone’s wedding timelines and stationery packages are different – every timeline for invitation looks a little different. Some couples come to us before they send out save the dates, while others have just a few weeks to send out invitations. This is why we set a custom schedule during our consultation! EmDesign can put together an invitation suite in as little as a few weeks – but a month or more is preferred!

Any other advice you would give to prospective wedding couples?

Keep your wedding contracts in a cloud folder online so you can access them wherever you are!

Start your guestlist early and in a cloud spreadsheet so you have a digital copy or can edit on the fly.

Check out the blog page on emdesignia.com because we’ve shared tons of helpful tips and free downloads there!

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