Ellabank Blossoms Interview

Ellabank Blossoms floral
Ellie Carver | Event Director
Ellabank Blossoms floral
Ellie Carver | Event Director
Ellabank Blossoms floral

How long have you been in the floral business?

“We started roughly about 2 years ago. I had a couple internships during my college career with different floral companies in the Cedar Rapids area and the Des Moines area. I wasn’t certain we actually wanted to enter the floral business until we were able to partner with several businesses in the Cedar Rapids area.”

What goes into providing floral services for a wedding?

“We start with a complimentary meeting with any client that’s interested and that can be done over Zoom or in person. We’re just talking through their wants, things they really like, and things they’re specifically looking for in their wedding. We see a lot of Pinterest pages, a lot of inspiration photos. Then, our team comes up with a quote; we base all of our pricing off of imaging as well as past weddings we’ve done. We’ll turn that quote back over to the client.

I always like to have a 2nd follow up meeting with them to walk through more in detail as well to talk more specifics in the flowers, greenery, and other details that go into their wedding. Once we’ve confirmed everything, we’ll touch base about a month out and then check in a week out to make sure we can bring all the pretty things on the day of the wedding.”

How do you recommend matching dresses and flowers to a wedding’s theme?

“A lot of times people we ask what colors they have – sometimes people are very specific. Dresses or tuxes are a certain color but they want flowers to be neutral. Then we do have some clients that do want their flowers to be accent colors. A lot of times, if a bride/bridesmaids have a burgundy or a wine color to a dress, I’ll recommend pops of that in the flowers with some lighter colors and some neutrals. You don’t want the colors to clash, so if you create accent colors or make them a smaller piece in the bouquet, you don’t have to worry about that clashing with the dress.”

What floral trends are going on now that we’d want to be aware of?

“Baby’s breath is coming back! It’s very hot right now which is notable considering it’s more of an 80’s trend. We’ve already done a couple weddings this summer that specifically requested baby’s breath and we have several more planned for the fall time that we’ll be incorporating as well. I’m sure just being in the Midwest it’ll continue into 23.”

How do seasons affect the floral setup of a wedding? What works best for spring/fall?

“The biggest thing for us is the placement of the ceremony. We work with a lot of venues that offer outdoor ceremonies. In Iowa, in the summer, you could have a beautiful outdoor day or it could be 90 degrees and humid out. We like to make sure we’re prepared in terms of wardrobe that day. In terms of colors and such, we base everything on the client. Some clients want winter colors in the summer, some want summer colors in the fall, etc. Placement of ceremonies and colors is what we look at most.”

What tips for the wedding party do you have (boutonnieres, corsages, bouquets, etc.)?

“We love bridal bouquets and bridesmaid bouquets. I think those will always be a thing, you’ll always have a bride and her bridesmaid carrying flowers. One neat way to distinguish the groom is to have him being the only one wearing a boutonniere and no one else. We can also do things to make the boutonniere stand out more by adding a few more detailed pieces. With wrist corsages, those are very common for moms, grandmas, and personal attendants. One trend we’re seeing now is having the mom carry a small bouquet as well. We also do recommend a magnetic corsage to wear on the dress that way you can get photos with it too instead of it being on your wrist.”

Fun one – what’s the best way to toss a bouquet?

“I think you figure it out as you go. I think the participants have to be a little creative, position yourself right, and get enough air when you’re jumping for it as well!”

What other advice would you offer to couples looking to find a wedding florist?

“Be open to having a couple meetings with your florist. That way you can get more details, and understand what you’re quoted even better. Be open about your budget and what you’re looking to spend so you’re both on the same page.”

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