Ask theExpert: Dinner4Two

Dinner 4 Two
Ten reasons why engaged couples should consider Dinner4Two in their kitchen.
  1. People stop or slow down going out & trying to impress their fiancé to start cooking more a home.
  2. More couples cook together than ever before. Since both usually work, it becomes more of something they do together or take turns.
  3. In asking at bridal events today who does the most of the cooking, she usually points at him.
  4. Guys especially like good tools. They usually really like our kitchencharm cookware & Royal Prestige Cutlery.
  5. We offer an opportunity to start a collection of cooking equipment that will last them the rest of their life. Our waterless/greaseless cookware & professional cutlery have a 50 year warranty.
  6. With little practice most meats can be totally cooked within 20 minutes saving everyone more time to be with the family.
  7. In learning how to use our equipment, we have an online video teaching how to cook the first 7 meals in our Kitchencharm cookware.
  8. We also have meals online on our Dinner4Two website & Chef Warren Goodgall on You Tube using all the equipment cooking many recipes.
  9. The average wedding gift is $50 or less today. The best place purchase a gift at the price range is Wal-Mart or Target and now Amazon. If a couple starts our collection we do offer friends and relatives an opportunity to purchase gift certificates in any amount (increments of $25) that couples can use to pay for their investment that they started.
  10. If your mother or father have heavy Stainless Steel cookware that they’ve had as long as you remember chances are they purchased from us 25-50 years ago & are still using their set.

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