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Wedding Florist - Tiffany Landuyt

How do I choose the perfect flowers for my wedding day?

When it comes to wedding flowers, there’s a lot to consider: what’s in season? What will compliment your wedding colors? Do you (or any of your guests) have pollen allergies? Don’t worry, though—an expert florist can help with all of that. Tiffany Landuyt, owner of Studio Bloom Iowa, offers her advice on how to pick your perfect floral.

Book your florist early

“I typically recommend reaching out about 9-12 months in advance of your wedding date.  However, if you’re planning your wedding during peak wedding season (which here in Iowa is generally late May through October), I would consider reaching out even earlier. Many wedding vendors take on limited events and book out over 12 months in advance, so it definitely doesn’t hurt to reach out to your dream vendors early!”

Keep an open mind

“Have your color palette, a couple inspiration photos that speak to you, and some keywords ready that help describe the feeling and overall look you’re wanting to convey for your wedding. Be open to their ideas and creative vision. Trust and rely on your floral designer’s expertise to select the best blooms to coordinate with your color palette and feeling for your event.”

Consider a statement piece

“I really love ‘impact’ floral design pieces at weddings. Whether it’s a beautiful floral arch that surrounds the couple during the ceremony, or a totally decked out harvest style head table at the reception, these create an excellent focal point for your wedding and is something that you and your guests will love and remember!”

Watch your guest list

“Hands down, the biggest impact on your wedding budget is your guest count and number of people in your bridal party. Not only does this apply to your floral budget, but it definitely has an impact on your overall wedding budget as well.  Each person added to your guest list will have a direct impact on your budget and wedding design.”

Get inspired

“Pinterest and Instagram are always go-to places for inspiration – look at floral designers and wedding planners that you’re interested in hiring, because you’ll see their work in action and get a better feel for their style. I also recommend getting out and about. Take a hike in the woods, visit a museum, open up a design magazine, try a new recipe, or even look around your own home – you can find inspiration in some of the most unexpected places!”

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