Wedding DJ Travis Hempstead

Wedding DJ - Travis Hempstead

Hey Mr. DJ – how do I keep my wedding guests on the dance floor?

While you’re thinking about the look of your wedding, don’t neglect the sound. A great wedding DJ can keep your event flowing smoothly from start to finish and help you avoid any musical miscues. Travis Hempstead of 11:11 Event Co. has been a wedding DJ in the Cedar Rapids area for over 10 years. Here are some of his top tips for maximizing the fun on your big day:

Talk with your DJ in advance

“You should be talking about timeline, music, wedding party names, special moments, all of that before the day arrives. Always meet with your DJ either in person or over the phone to make sure you’re on the same page. If your DJ isn’t doing this, that’s a red flag.”

Keep all of your guests in mind

“It’s important to create a flow with different genres of music. This brings people of all ages together on the dance floor, keeps them there longer, and helps us read the room to know what’s working with the different guest demographics. The biggest advice I give to couples is to not just focus on the bridal party and close friends. If you do that, you’re going to lose a large portion of your guests.”

Use your wedding day magnetism

“The bride, groom, wedding party and immediate family are like magnets. Where they are, everyone else will be! When you combine a good flow with different genres of music and those magnets, you’re going to have a full dance floor all night. Another thing to think about is dance floor placement. If your dance floor is off in a far corner or away from the bar, it’s much more difficult to get people there and keep them there.”

Consider this classic dance

“The anniversary dance is a great tradition. It brings people together on the dance floor and gives them a chance to dance even if they’re not the dancing type, but most importantly it gives you a chance to recognize those in your life that have been married for so long. Oftentimes these are the grandparents. It’s always a very special moment for them when they too can be celebrated on your big day!”

Pick the key songs and let your DJ do the rest

You don’t have to stress over picking all the music! That’s your DJ’s job. What you can focus on is picking key songs for the big moments. Music for the ceremony would be the processional, the bride’s entrance song, a possible unity ceremony and the recessional. The formal dances you’ll choose songs for as well, such as the first dance or any parent dances. If you have any “must play” song requests for your DJ, these would typically be songs you know will be dance floor fillers.

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